Where to go in jakarta?

where to go in jakarta
Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Jakarta – What is Jakarta famous for? Jakarta is the huge capital city of Indonesia. The city is a melange of multiple ethnicities including Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Indian. This melting pot of cultures has influenced the architectural styles, food and lifestyle in Jakarta.

  • What can you shop in Jakarta? Being the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is highly developed and when it comes to shopping, it is a true shopaholics paradise.
  • Here are a few places for shopping in Jakarta: 1.
  • Pasar Seni Ancol 2.
  • Pasar Baru 3.
  • Glodok Chinatown 4.
  • Pasar Santa What are some of the popular attractions in Jakarta? Some of the famous Jakarta attractions are: 1.

The National Monument 2. Merdeka Square 3. Taman Mini Indonesia Park 4. Jakarta Chinatown What are some of the things to do for couples in Jakarta? Jakarta can turn out to be a pretty interesting place for couples. Even though it may seem like more of a financial hub of Indonesia, there are a lot of activities that a couple can enjoy in the capital city.

So, here are some of the romantic things to do in Jakarta: 1. Dinner at Henshin restaurant 2. Fun times at Fantasy World 3. Quality time at Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory 4. Jakarta Monas tourism at night 5. Visit the Indonesian Mini Park What are the fun things to do inside Ancol Dreamland? The top things to do inside Ancol Dreamland are: 1.

Enjoy a glimpse of the Underwater at SeaWorld 2. Have fun at Atlantis Water Adventure 3. Admire the nature at Ecopark 4. Enjoy a thrilling Gondola ride 5. Chill at Ancol beach city Is there a beach in Jakarta? The only beach in Jakarta located within the city limits is the Ancol beach.

However, if you’re willing to travel a little further looking for sun, sea, and sand you’ll find quite a few beaches near Jakarta. Where can you stay in Jakarta? Jakarta is a huge city and there are a lot of places that you can choose from when it comes to accommodation options. Starting from budget places to stay till the high-end luxury resorts & hotels, the place will leave you spoilt for choice.

Here are a few places to stay in Jakarta: 1. Aryaduta Jakarta 2. Ibis Jakarta Tamarin 3. JW Marriott Jakarta 4. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Jakarta What is there to do in Jakarta for families? If you are traveling with your family, here are the best options: 1.

Museum Wayang or the Puppet Museum 2. National Monument 3. Kidzania Jakarta 4. Winter Wonderland at Pondok Indah Mall 2 What is the best time to visit Jakarta? It is better to pay a visit to Jakarta when the season is dry. The best months in which one can plan a trip to Jakarta is anytime between June to September.

What are some top places to eat in Jakarta? Top restaurants and eateries in Jakarta include Bandar Djakarta, Le Quartier, Lara Djonggrang, Altitude Grill, GIA, and many more. Looking To Book A Holiday Package? People Also Read: Places To Visit In Turkey Places To Visit In Colombo Places To Visit In Austria

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Is Jakarta Good for tourists?

Best Nightlife City in Asia – Jakarta is known to have some of the best city nightlife in Asia, and there is a great party atmosphere here. As most tourists head to other islands and cities throughout Indonesia, there are hardly any foreigners, and you will find Jakartans are very friendly and welcoming.

Visit Jakarta blog. The majority of the bars and nightclubs throughout Jakarta are filled with a mix of upper class Indonesians and Western expats, so it is very easy to talk to people and have a safe night out. Partying is likely to be expensive though, and you should budget around $150 per night. Cocktails usually start from $10 (alcohol is heavily taxed), and entrance fees to popular nightclubs can set you back as much as $20.

Best nightlife in Jakarta. Be sure to visit SKYE. A rooftop restaurant and bar on the 56 th floor of a skyscraper, it offers an amazing view of the Jakarta skyline at night. Cloud Lounge is another great rooftop bar with more of an “expat” vibe, and arguably better music. where to go in jakarta Why you should visit Jakarta, Indonesia

The apartments are Menteng Park, Menteng Executive Apartment, Menteng Regency and Cik Ditiro Residence, All the residences that are built in Menteng are also encouraged by the cool atmosphere of the area which planted by lots of tall and shady trees.

How do I get to Thousand Islands from Jakarta?

What companies run services between Jakarta, Indonesia and Thousand Islands, Indonesia? – There is no direct connection from Jakarta to Thousand Islands. However, you can take the train to Angke, take the drive to Muara Angke, take the ferry to Pulau Untung Jawa, then take the travel to Thousand Islands. TransJakarta ASDP Indonesia Ferry

What is Weekend getaway meaning?

Countable noun. A getaway is a short holiday somewhere.

Is Jakarta expensive?

Summary about cost of living in Jakarta, Indonesia: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,723$ (25,812,780Rp) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 494$ (7,398,918Rp) without rent. Jakarta is 64.11% less expensive than New York (without rent).

Is Jakarta safe at night?

So. How Safe Is Jakarta Really? – Jakarta is a huge city with several district s that have strong cultural value, but, unfortunately, many of the buildings are not well preserved. The area around Old Town covers very interesting places to visit and it is safe, but be aware that the big flow of tourists attracts pickpockets and scammers.

When it comes to crime, you should stay away from the Ancol Port area and other neighborhoods in the North of the city, which have the highest crime rate among other districts. Criminal problems have become more serious in the last 10 years and pick-pocketing or bag snatching are the most common crimes.

Business travelers need to watch for their laptops, which have been known to disappear even from within office buildings. In general, as long as you exercise awareness and precaution, avoid walking alone at night and be wary of strangers you do not have to worry about your safety in Jakarta.

How many days should I spend in Jakarta?

Q: How many days should I spend in Jakarta? I do not have that much time but would like to explore all the important sights at a leisurely pace. – Indah A: Jakarta though an interesting and complex city, it does not really take many days to explore what typically tourist would like to see.

I would suggest generally 3-4 days to cover most of the interesting sights and things to do, while also give in time for commuting thanks to the traffic. You may see our Jakarta 3 days itinerary, If you want to extend more then Jakarta has enough to offer to fill up 5 days in Jakarta, Check out our Top 10 Things to Do and Must Visit in Jakarta for your planning in travel here.

See our Jakarta Travel Guide to understand and know more! Living in Jakarta for more than 20 years now, she still have not manage to cover the tip of Indonesia’s diverse destinations, people and even food! Pearl loves shopping as much as enjoying luxury but she knows all these have to be done sensibly and on a budget. Therefore you may find the best scoop and offers in Jakarta and beyond with her. View all posts by Pearl

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What is not allowed in Indonesia?

Aceh – The province of Aceh enforces Sharia Law. It is the only province in Indonesia to do so and applies to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Extra-marital sex, gambling, and the consumption, production and distribution of alcohol are all illegal under Sharia law. Homosexual activity is illegal under Sharia Law. See our information and advice page for the LGBT community before you travel.

Is Jakarta cheap to travel?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Jakarta is $464 for a solo traveler, $833 for a couple, and $1,562 for a family of 4, Jakarta hotels range from $11 to $134 per night with an average of $31, while most vacation rentals will cost $90 to $300 per night for the entire home.

  • Average worldwide flight costs to Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport ( HLP ) are between $169 and $205 per person for economy flights and $530 to $643 for first class.
  • Depending on activities, we recommend budgeting $22 to $38 per person per day for transportation and enjoying local restaurants.

See below for average, budget, and luxury trip costs. You can also look up flight costs from your airport for more tailored flight pricing.

Is Jakarta expensive?

Summary about cost of living in Jakarta, Indonesia: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,723$ (25,812,780Rp) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 494$ (7,398,918Rp) without rent. Jakarta is 64.11% less expensive than New York (without rent).

Is Jakarta a good place to live?

Leisure & Culture – 8 32/264 Details

Art galleries 354
Art galleries 1.00
Cinemas 302
Cinemas 1.00
Comedy clubs 292
Comedy clubs 0.82
Concert venues 357
Concerts 0.85
Historical sites 289
Historical sites 0.80
Museums 221
Museums 0.83
Performing art venues 349
Performing arts 0.77
Sport venues 296
Sports 0.89
Zoos 68
Zoos 1.00

Is Jakarta safe to travel alone?

where to go in jakarta Jakarta is Indonesia’s capital and largest city. (Pic credit: Alexis Gravel/Flickr) W ith a population of over 10 million and a notoriety for the world’s worst traffic, Indonesia’s capital comes off as a daunting country to travel. Based on our observation, one of the most popularly searched topic for travelling Jakarta is whether it is a safe country for tourists.

  1. In the 2015 Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Safe Cities Index, Jakarta ranked at the bottom of the list of 50 cities.
  2. The Jakarta Post reported that Jakarta ranked 45th in the personal safety category, followed by Sao Paulo, Tehran, Beijing, Moscow and Santiago at the bottom.
  3. However, on travel forums discussing whether Jakarta is safe for women, locals and expats are quick to defend the largest city of Indonesia.

Most commented that Jakarta is relatively safe so long you practice basic precautions such as avoiding seedy areas. The one thing to watch out for that was echoed across all the discussion boards is pickpockets. Pickpockets aside, here are some of the best advice for travelling Jakarta that we found across the web: