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Sanur Travel Guide: Exploring Bali’s Coastal Gem 2023

Sanur, located on the southeastern coast of Bali, Indonesia, is a tranquil coastal paradise that offers a different side of the island’s charm. Known for its peaceful atmosphere and pristine beaches, Sanur is the perfect destination for travelers seeking a more relaxed and less crowded experience compared to other bustling areas of Bali. The long, palm-fringed beach is ideal for strolls and water sports like windsurfing and kitesurfing. The town itself retains a touch of its old-world Balinese charm, with a variety of traditional markets, art galleries, and restaurants where you can savor both local and international cuisine. Sanur also serves as a gateway to nearby attractions, making it an excellent base for exploring the cultural, historical, and natural wonders of Bali. Whether you’re in search of a romantic retreat, water adventures, or a peaceful escape, Sanur’s serene ambiance and stunning sunrises will leave you enchanted.

Where To Stay In Sanur

When considering where to stay in Sanur, you’ll find a range of accommodations to suit various preferences and budgets. Sanur boasts a wide selection of beachfront resorts, offering luxurious amenities and stunning ocean views, making it perfect for those seeking a serene and pampering escape. Many of these resorts have private pools, spa facilities, and on-site dining options. For travelers looking for a more budget-friendly option, Sanur also offers numerous guesthouses, boutique hotels, and cozy villas in the heart of the town, allowing you to experience a more authentic side of Bali. These accommodations often provide a warm and personalized touch, and they are surrounded by local markets, restaurants, and cultural attractions. Whichever style of lodging you choose, the laid-back and peaceful atmosphere of Sanur will ensure a delightful and memorable stay on this beautiful stretch of Bali’s coastline.

Where Is Sanur Bali?

Sanur is a charming coastal town located on the southeastern coast of the island of Bali, Indonesia. Situated in the Gianyar Regency, Sanur is approximately a 30-minute drive from the Ngurah Rai International Airport in the capital city of Denpasar. It’s nestled between the bustling resort areas of Kuta and Seminyak to the west and the cultural and artistic hub of Ubud to the north. Sanur’s strategic location along Bali’s eastern shoreline makes it an excellent gateway for exploring the island’s cultural, historical, and natural attractions. The town is celebrated for its tranquil ambiance, pristine beaches, and a variety of accommodations, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking a more relaxed and peaceful Bali experience.

How To Get Around Sanur

Getting around Sanur is relatively straightforward, and there are several convenient transportation options for visitors to explore the town and its surroundings. Many travelers opt to rent scooters or bicycles, which provide flexibility and allow you to navigate the streets and scenic coastal paths at your own pace. Taxis are also readily available and can be hailed on the street or through ride-sharing apps. Be sure to use reputable taxi services or insist on using the meter to avoid overcharging. Alternatively, you can utilize the local “bemo” minivans or, for longer journeys, hire a private driver or join organized tours to explore nearby attractions such as Ubud, Uluwatu, or the cultural heart of Bali. Walking is also a pleasant way to explore Sanur’s beachfront promenade and the town center, where you’ll discover a wealth of restaurants, shops, and cultural sites. With these transportation options, navigating and enjoying the beauty of Sanur and its surroundings is a breeze.

Best Activities In Sanur, Bali

1. Sanur Beach Sunrise

Sanur Beach Sunrise

Sanur Beach Sunrise is a captivating and tranquil spectacle that attracts visitors from all corners of the world. Situated on the eastern coast of Bali, this beach is renowned for its serene beauty and especially for the breathtaking sunrises it offers. As the first light of dawn breaks over the horizon, the sky transforms into a canvas of soft pastel hues, casting a magical glow over the calm waters of the Indian Ocean. The gentle lapping of waves against the shore and the swaying palms create a soothing soundtrack to accompany this natural masterpiece. Locals and tourists alike gather along the beachfront walkway, camera in hand, to witness the spectacle and pay homage to the new day. Sanur Beach Sunrise is not just a visual marvel but also a spiritual experience, offering a profound sense of renewal and tranquility that sets the tone for a peaceful day ahead on the Island of the Gods.

2. Sanur Boardwalk

Sanur Boardwalk

The Sanur Boardwalk is a delightful promenade that meanders along the coast of Sanur Beach, offering a picturesque and leisurely way to enjoy this charming Balinese town. The boardwalk is a favorite spot for both tourists and locals, providing a scenic route for leisurely strolls, jogging, or simply taking in the breathtaking views of the ocean. Lined with swaying palm trees, vibrant gardens, and inviting beachfront cafes, it’s the perfect place to soak in the laid-back atmosphere that Sanur is known for. The boardwalk also connects to several significant landmarks and cultural sites, such as the Le Mayeur Museum, showcasing the works of Belgian painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur, and the enchanting Pura Segara sea temple. Whether you’re looking to unwind, enjoy a romantic evening walk, or explore the beauty of Sanur, the boardwalk is a must-visit destination that encapsulates the essence of this tranquil coastal gem.

3. Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach, located on the southeastern coast of Bali, is a serene and idyllic stretch of coastline that embodies the essence of relaxation and natural beauty. With its soft, golden sands and gentle, lapping waves, it’s the perfect escape for those seeking a quieter and less crowded beach experience in Bali. The beach is renowned for its tranquil ambiance, making it an excellent place to unwind, bask in the sun, or enjoy a leisurely swim in the crystal-clear waters. Sanur Beach is also a hub for various water sports activities, including windsurfing, kiteboarding, and snorkeling, making it a versatile destination for both sunbathers and adventure seekers. With a backdrop of swaying palm trees and a promenade adorned with charming cafes and restaurants, Sanur Beach is a place where you can truly savor the natural and cultural beauty of Bali while embracing its relaxed atmosphere.

4. Sanur Bali Festivals

Sanur Bali Festivals

Sanur, Bali, is not only known for its natural beauty and tranquil beaches but also for its vibrant cultural scene, with several festivals that showcase the rich heritage and traditions of the island. One of the most celebrated events is the Sanur Village Festival, an annual extravaganza that features a diverse range of activities, including traditional dance performances, music, art exhibitions, and culinary delights. Another highlight is the Sanur Kite Festival, where intricately designed kites take to the skies, creating a colorful and mesmerizing spectacle. These festivals provide a unique opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in Balinese culture and experience the warmth and hospitality of the local community. Whether you’re interested in traditional arts, culinary adventures, or simply want to revel in the festive spirit, Sanur’s festivals offer a vibrant and enriching cultural experience.

5. Sea Turtle Release

Sea Turtle Release

The Sea Turtle Release in Sanur is a heartwarming and environmentally significant event that captures the essence of conservation and marine preservation. This activity is not only a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors but also plays a crucial role in protecting Bali’s fragile ecosystem. The event allows participants to be part of the journey of baby sea turtles as they are released into the ocean, offering them a better chance of survival in the wild. The process of releasing these tiny hatchlings into the sea is not only an awe-inspiring spectacle but also a powerful reminder of the importance of nurturing and safeguarding the environment. It’s a beautiful way to connect with nature and support the efforts to preserve Bali’s marine biodiversity, making it a must-do activity for eco-conscious travelers and animal lovers visiting Sanur.

6. Sanur Beach Clubs

Le Mayeur Museum


Sanur Beach Clubs are the epitome of tropical relaxation and seaside entertainment. These clubs offer an enticing blend of stunning ocean views, comfortable sun loungers, and refreshing cocktails, providing the perfect setting for a day of leisure by the sea. Many of these establishments feature beachfront infinity pools, where you can cool off while gazing out at the Indian Ocean. The clubs in Sanur often host live music events, DJ sets, and themed parties, creating a lively and convivial atmosphere that continues well into the evening. Whether you’re looking for a sun-soaked day of relaxation, a vibrant nightlife scene, or both, Sanur’s beach clubs offer a fantastic fusion of beachside luxury and vibrant entertainment to make your stay in Bali even more enjoyable.

7. Le Mayeur Museum

Le Mayeur Museum


The Le Mayeur Museum, nestled in the heart of Sanur, Bali, is a cultural gem that offers a glimpse into the life and artistic legacy of Belgian painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur. The museum is located in the former home of the artist and his Balinese wife, Ni Pollok, providing an intimate setting to appreciate his work and the inspiration he drew from the island’s landscapes and its people. Le Mayeur’s vivid and evocative paintings are on display, showcasing the intricate details of Balinese culture, the serene beauty of Sanur Beach, and the timeless charm of his muse, Ni Pollok. As you explore the museum, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the artistic connection between Le Mayeur and Bali, making it a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts and those interested in the cultural fusion that defines this picturesque island.

8. Sanur Rice Fields

Sanur Rice Fields

The Sanur Rice Fields offer a serene and picturesque escape from the coastal bustle of Sanur, providing a tranquil and verdant contrast to the beachfront scenery. Located just a short drive from the town center, these lush paddy fields showcase the timeless beauty of Bali’s rural landscapes. As you venture into the rice fields, you’ll be surrounded by vibrant shades of green, gently waving stalks of rice, and a soothing soundtrack of rustling leaves and the chirping of birds. Many travelers find solace in exploring the pathways that wind through the fields, allowing them to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and traditional agriculture that defines Bali. It’s an ideal spot for a peaceful walk, bike ride, or simply to take in the breathtaking views of the island’s terraced agriculture, a testament to the timeless harmony between nature and Balinese culture.

9. Sindhu Night Market

Sindhu Night Market

The Sindhu Night Market in Sanur is a vibrant and bustling culinary hub that comes to life after the sun sets. Located near Sanur Beach, this nightly market is a food lover’s paradise, offering a wide array of Indonesian and international dishes to savor. From grilled seafood and satay skewers to traditional Balinese specialties and tempting desserts, the market tantalizes your taste buds with an eclectic mix of flavors. It’s not just about the food; the market also provides a fantastic opportunity to experience the lively atmosphere and community spirit that’s typical of Indonesian street markets. Whether you’re looking for an authentic culinary adventure, a chance to interact with locals, or simply a delightful evening out, the Sindhu Night Market is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the culinary delights of Sanur.

10. Sanur Water sports

Sanur Water sports

Sanur is a fantastic destination for water sports enthusiasts, offering a wide range of thrilling activities to enjoy the waters of Bali’s southeastern coast. From windsurfing and kiteboarding to snorkeling and scuba diving, there’s something for everyone seeking adventure on the waves. The calm and shallow waters of Sanur Beach make it a perfect place for beginners to learn and practice these water sports. For those who prefer a more leisurely experience, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are excellent options for exploring the coastline at your own pace. Snorkelers and divers will be delighted by the vibrant underwater world teeming with marine life, including colorful coral reefs and tropical fish. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a water lover looking to connect with Bali’s aquatic wonders, Sanur’s water sports options cater to all skill levels and interests.

11. Sanur Massage & Spa

Sanur Massage & Spa

Sanur Massage & Spa is a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, offering a range of traditional Balinese and modern spa treatments that allow visitors to unwind and pamper themselves. Nestled amidst the tranquil ambiance of Sanur, these spas provide a serene and welcoming atmosphere, complete with soothing music, aromatic scents, and skilled therapists. From traditional Balinese massages that use time-honored techniques to ease tension and improve circulation to rejuvenating facials, body scrubs, and holistic treatments, there’s something for every weary traveler looking to unwind. The sound of gentle waves and rustling palm trees in the background adds to the overall sense of tranquility, making Sanur Massage & Spa an essential part of your Bali experience, where you can indulge in the healing and soothing therapies that this island is renowned for.

12. Sanur Restaurants

Sanur Restaurants

Sanur is a gastronomic paradise with a diverse array of restaurants that cater to all tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a fan of Indonesian cuisine, international flavors, or something in between, you’ll find a culinary delight to suit your palate in this charming coastal town. Many of the restaurants are set along the beachfront, providing a serene and picturesque backdrop for your dining experience, especially during sunset. Here, you can savor fresh seafood, Balinese specialties, and a variety of international dishes, often accompanied by traditional dance performances or live music. Sanur’s restaurants also embrace a thriving vegetarian and vegan scene, offering a wide selection of plant-based options. With its relaxed atmosphere and diverse culinary scene, Sanur ensures that every meal becomes a delightful adventure and a testament to the rich and flavorful culture of Bali.

13. Souvenir Shopping

Souvenir Shopping

Sanur is a fantastic destination for souvenir shopping, providing a range of options for travelers looking to take a piece of Bali’s culture and craftsmanship home with them. The town boasts a plethora of shops and markets, each offering a unique selection of souvenirs, gifts, and handicrafts. Artisanal items like intricately carved woodwork, colorful textiles, batik clothing, and Balinese paintings can be found in many boutiques. Additionally, you’ll discover a variety of locally made jewelry, including silver and beaded designs. For a more immersive experience, don’t miss the Sindhu Market, where you can haggle and browse through stalls selling traditional Balinese crafts, clothing, and souvenirs. Shopping in Sanur provides a wonderful opportunity to support local artists and artisans while finding a special memento to remember your Bali experience.

14. Pura Blanjong Temple

Pura Blanjong Temple

Pura Blanjong Temple, located in the heart of Sanur, Bali, is a culturally significant and historical site that offers a glimpse into the island’s rich past. This ancient temple, dating back to the 10th century, is celebrated for its inscribed stone pillar, known as Prasasti Blanjong. The pillar bears one of the earliest known inscriptions in the Indonesian archipelago, providing valuable insights into Bali’s historical and linguistic heritage. The temple’s serene and traditional Balinese architecture, set in a lush garden, invites visitors to explore its spiritual and historical significance. Pura Blanjong is a peaceful and informative stop for those interested in delving into Bali’s past and its enduring cultural traditions.

15. Pool Day Passes

Pool Day Passes

Pool day passes in Sanur offer a perfect blend of relaxation and luxury for travelers who may not be staying at beachfront resorts but want to experience the indulgence of their pool areas. Many of the upscale resorts in the area provide day passes for a reasonable fee, granting access to their stunning swimming pools and amenities. It’s a fantastic way to soak up the sun, take a refreshing dip, and enjoy the picturesque beach views. Most resorts also include facilities like sunbeds, umbrellas, and towels, ensuring your comfort and convenience throughout the day. The pool day pass option allows visitors to experience the ambiance and services of high-end resorts while still having the flexibility to explore other attractions in Sanur. It’s a popular choice for those seeking a relaxing day in paradise, even if they’re not checked into a particular resort.

16. Plaza Renon Mall

Plaza Renon Mall

Plaza Renon Mall is a bustling shopping and entertainment complex located in Denpasar, Bali, just a short drive away from Sanur. This modern shopping center provides a diverse array of retail outlets, from fashion and electronics to home decor and cosmetics, making it a one-stop destination for shoppers looking for a wide selection of products. The mall also boasts a variety of dining options, including international and local cuisine, ensuring that visitors can recharge with a delicious meal after their shopping spree. Beyond shopping and dining, Plaza Renon offers a cinema, entertainment venues, and events, providing a well-rounded experience for both locals and tourists. Whether you’re searching for the latest fashion trends, tech gadgets, or simply a place to unwind and enjoy a movie, Plaza Renon Mall offers a vibrant and convenient shopping experience in close proximity to Sanur.

17. Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo is a captivating and family-friendly wildlife attraction located in the Gianyar Regency, not far from Sanur. This tropical haven offers an immersive experience with a wide variety of animals, including endangered species, birds, reptiles, and mammals. With a strong commitment to animal conservation and education, the zoo provides opportunities for visitors to interact with some of the creatures through activities like animal encounters and feeding sessions. The lush and well-maintained surroundings create a picturesque backdrop for a day of exploration and learning. Bali Zoo’s dedication to animal welfare and its focus on conservation makes it not only an enjoyable destination but also a place where visitors can gain a deeper appreciation for Bali’s diverse fauna and the importance of protecting our planet’s biodiversity.

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