Where Is The Security Tunnel Casino Heist?

Where Is The Security Tunnel Casino Heist
Scoping out the Casino – Scope every entrance and POI – These are all optional objectives that give you more options when you’re infiltrating the casino. Scoping is split into two missions, scope out the casino and scope out the vault contents. You can scope all of the access points in scoping the casino, but you can only get the first six points of interest.

Main Door – at the front of the casino Side Doors – take pictures of the keypad doors on the sides of the casino, there’s one on the back and left-hand side Roof Terrace – four keypad doors, one next to the pool, one down the stairs behind the bar, two around the back jump off the ledge on the left-hand side of the pool and follow the path around Security Tunnel – in the tunnel under the racetrack at the back of the casino, take a picture of the garage door Roof – Take a picture of the two keypad doors either side of the helipad Sewer Tunnel – Across the street from the casino is a big storm drain, head down into the sewer here and take a picture of the grate.

Here’s a picture of the sewer grate you’re looking for: Where Is The Security Tunnel Casino Heist These are all of the points of interest: Main points of interest

Security Guard – stood next to the elevator by the front desk Keypad – on the casino floor, next to restricted access doors 1st Security Camera – found on the ceiling of the main casino rooms 2nd Security Camera – found on the roof and roof terrace Valet – out the front door of the casino Vault Blueprints – on the desk in the management office (requires VIP membership, go through Inside Track towards the back of the casino and you’ll see the door down a side corridor).

Vault Contents points of interest To find these you need to move between the different camera views in the time allotted.

Carpeted room – POI pops as soon as you switch to this view Metal Detectors – In grey room Security Office door – doors in the room with the grey stripe running down the middle Staff elevator – In the purple diamond casino room, pan to the two elevators on the right Blue door – In the corridor with the elevator and blue door, pan to the door on the left

Finding these allows you to buy extras from your set up board, letting you find access points easier, or practise the skills you’ll need on the inside.

Casino Model – $130,000 – highlights access points Door Security – $425,000 – practise hacking doors Vault Door – $900,000 – practise cracking vault

How do you unlock the security tunnel casino heist?

To unlock this prep mission you need to take a picture of the security tunnel of the casino. It is right beside the racetrack. Check out Access Point #4 here or you can view a video showing the access point.

Where is the sewer tunnel for the casino heist?

The hardest one to find, go past the racetrack to the river, then south to the canal. There should be a tunnel.

How do you use the sewer tunnel in casino heist?

Possible Entry Points –

Main Entrance : The crew heads to the casino main entrance, where they need to take out a guard from outside and access the building. A cutscene plays where the crew burst through the entrance, scaring everyone inside. The crew then regains control using a circular bar as cover and starts fighting against the security guards to get to the staff lobby and then move towards the vault. Staff Lobby : The crew heads to the side entrance, where they need to take out a guard from outside and access the secured door. From there, the crew fights against enemies to reach to the vault. Waste Disposal : Similar to the previous option, the crew heads to the north entrance, where they need to take out a guard from outside and access the secured door. From there, the crew fights against enemies to reach to the vault. Roof Terrace : The crew has the option to board a Cargobob located in the storm drain and get flown up to the roof helipad. Enemies are found outside, so they need to fight against them to reach the terrace and enter to the hotel floor, then fighting all the way through the building to reach the vault. Helipad : Similar to the previous option, the crew has the option to aboard the Cargobob located in the sewers and get flown up to the roof helipad. There will be a guard near the door, so they have to take him out and enter the motor room. From here, the crew has the option to use the stairs to reach the hotel floor, or rappel down the elevator shaft right to the staff lobby. From there, the crew fights against enemies to reach the vault. Sewer Tunnel : To select this entry option, the heist leader first has to complete the optional ” Tunnel Boring Machine ” prep mission. The crew heads to the sewers, where the tunnel boring machine was already used to make the tunnel leading to the vault. The crew then walks through the tunnel and reaches a marked wall. A cutscene plays where one of the players plants an explosive and blasts the wall to make an entrance. As soon as the crew gets through the hole, part of the ceiling collapses due to the explosion, thus blocking the tunnel.

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How do I meet Lester at Mirror Park?

Step-by-step guide on how to buy an Arcade in GTA Online Buying in GTA Online is fundamentally similar to how one purchases other properties in the game, but with one additional requirement. To gain the ability to buy this property, players must first meet with Lester Crest at Mirror Park. Where Is The Security Tunnel Casino Heist GTA Online players will see something similar to this screen (Image via Rockstar Games) Here is a step-by-step guide on how to purchase an Arcade in GTA Online:

  1. Go near Mirror Park to trigger a text from Lester Crest. Alternatively, go to one of Lester’s locations on the map to get the text.
  2. See the cutscene involving Lester and Georgina Cheng.
  3. Go to the Internet (which is most easily done through the in-game smartphone).
  4. Head to floreclosures.maze-bank.com,
  5. Select any of the possible properties that you’d wish to buy. One can opt to filter by Arcade by clicking on that tag in the top right of the map on this screen.

It’s that simple. The main issue that would inconvenience some players would be the requirement to see the Lester Crest cutscene at Mirror Park. Here are the prices and locations relevant to this topic:

  • Blaine County, Paleto Bay: $1,235,000
  • Blaine County, Grapeseed: $1,565,000
  • East Los Santos, La Mesa: $1,875,000
  • South Los Santos, Davis: $2,135,000
  • North Los Santos, Rockford Hills: $2,345,000
  • North Los Santos, Vinewood: $2,530,000

It doesn’t matter which one the player buys. The one in La Mesa is the closest to The Diamond Casino, which makes it arguably the best one for those interested in doing The Diamond Casino Heist.

What are the 3 extras for the casino heist?

Those are: casino model, door security and vault door.

How do you do the tunnel Boring mission?

Mission Objectives Go to Davis Quartz. Steal the tunnel boring machine. Drive to the storm drain access point. Deliver the tunnel boring machine to the sewers.

Can you solo casino heists?

Where Is The Security Tunnel Casino Heist How much does the Diamond Casino Heist payout in GTA Online? Sadly the answer is a little less straightforward compared to the majority of heists in the game. Whilst it cannot be played solo, you can play the Diamond Casino Heist with 2, 3, or 4 different players, meaning the final take can be split in a multitude of different ways.

There are also different factors that will impact the final take once you complete the heist. So unfortunately it’s not a simple one-word answer. Thankfully we’ve pulled together this guide to give you the full picture and explain all the different details which will ultimately impact your payout from the Diamond Casino Heist.

Read on for everything you need to know before you attempt to pull off the most sophisticated and daring robbery the city of Los Santos has ever seen.

Which is the best casino heist approach GTA 5?

The best approach in my opinion is the sneaky approach. If your good at hacking this is the one for you. You make way more money because if you do the aggressive approach every shot you take your amount of money taken goes down. Also with the sneaky approach there will not be many cops outside.

What does the door security do in casino heist?

DLC Content Missions The Criminal Enterprises | The Contract | Los Santos Tuners | The Cayo Perico Heist | Los Santos Summer Special | The Diamond Casino Heist | The Diamond Casino & Resort | Arena War | After Hours | Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series | The Doomsday Heist | Smuggler’s Run | Gunrunning | Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit | Import/Export | Bikers | Cunning Stunts | Further Adventures in Finance and Felony | Lowriders: Custom Classics | Be My Valentine | January 2016 Update | Festive Surprise 2015 | Executives and Other Criminals | Halloween Surprise | Lowriders | Freemode Events Update | Heists Update | Flight School Jobs | San Andreas Flight School Update | Independence Day Special | High Life Update

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What apartment should I buy for Lester?

Do you need a certain apartment to do a heist in GTA Online? (Note: my experience is on PC) (Note2: this applies to the heists added in the heists update, that is Fleeca, Prison break, Humane Raid, Series A, and Pacific Standard. The doomsday and casino heists have their own property requirements).

According to the message you get from Lester you need a “high end apartment”. This will give you a “heist planning room”. You then have to wait for an invite from Lester to host each heist. You do not need a to own a “high end apartment” to join a heist as a crew member through an invite. I think you do need one to use the “quick join heist” feature.

The host’s high end apartment acts as a base for the heist. What I’m not sure on is what properties count as “high end apartments”. I know when I first tried this I bought the cheapest property in the “high end” category on dynasty8 and it turned out to be a standalone garage without a heist planning room.

Scrolling down the list of “high end” properties sorted by price until I reached something described as an “apartment” and buying that gave me a suitable property. I have definitely experienced heists hosted in properties with multiple different interiors. I have also seen heists hosted in properties that were houses rather than apartments.

I don’t know if this is specific to the “next gen” versions of the game though. : Do you need a certain apartment to do a heist in GTA Online?

How do I get Lester for free?

You have to host and complete doomsday act 3 to be able to remove wanted levels for free.

What happens if you call Lester?

When you attract attention from the police and you get a wanted level, which is annoying to lose and you want to get rid of it, you could Call Lester who has the ability to ”scramble your phone signal’ as he puts it so you instantly lose your wanted level and the cops won’t come after you anymore.

How do you get a Level 2 security pass on GTA?

Level 2 – Croupier – ” Okay, croupiers at The Diamond carry security passes to get them. or us, through level two doors. I’ve identified a soft target spending their day off in a haze of booze and drugs. Sending you the location now. ” — Lester’s briefing.

  • Players must steal a security pass off a croupier.
  • They must travel to a semi-random location, such as Vinewood Hills or Richman, where a party is being held, to find a croupier.
  • Once there, players must enter the party and wait for Lester to identify the target.
  • During this time, players at the party need to drink or dance to avoid suspicion; if the suspicion bar in the bottom right of the screen fills up, the players will also need to evade a wanted level.

Alternately, if the party is crashed by another rival player, the suspicion bar will disappear and the players can hang around freely. Once Lester locates the croupier, he will send players an image of them. Once located, players will find that the target is passes out, and they need to be searched for the pass.

How do I get to Agatha Baker’s office?

Point of Interest #5 – Casino vault blueprints. You can find them sitting on the table in Agatha’s office in the management section of the casino. You need to have VIP membership in order to access this area. Go through ‘Inside Tracks’ and you will see a double door with a guard standing beside it which says ‘Management’. You need to go inside that and upstairs to Agatha’s office.

How do I unlock Gruppe Sechs casino?

Possible Disguises –

Bugstars : To select this entry option, the heist leader first has to complete the “Bugstar Gear Part 1 & Part 2 ” prep missions. The crew disguises as Bugstars employees and heads to the casino in a Bugstars Burrito and equipped with 10 Tear Gas cans. Security guards will indicate that Agatha Baker ‘s office is infested, so the crew heads over there. Once they reach the office, one player must hack a level 3 security panel to get access to the elevator, requiring to complete four fingerprint hacking minigames to access it. Once there, they have to sneak through the keypads by evading or knocking out the guards. Maintenance : To select this entry option, the heist leader first has to complete the “Maintenance Gear Part 1 & Part 2 ” prep missions. The crew disguises as LSDWP maintenance technicians and heads to the casino in a LSDWP Boxville, Security guards will indicate that there is a leak in the laundry room, so the crew heads over there. From there, the crew can make their way through the basement by avoiding the security guards from the restricted areas. Gruppe Sechs : To select this entry option, the heist leader must have scoped out the security tunnel and then has to complete the “Gruppe Sechs Gear Part 1 & Part 2 ” prep missions. The crew disguises as Gruppe Sechs guards and head to the casino’s access door near the Vinewood Racetrack in a Stockade, The driver then goes through the tunnel leading to a loading bay, guarded by a security checkpoint. From there, the crew can move freely through the area to get into the vault room. Yung Ancestor : To select this entry option, the heist leader first has to encounter Yung Ancestor and complete the prep missions ” Dead Weight ” & ” After Party “. The crew disguises as Yung’s guests and goes to the management area. A cutscene plays where Yung and Brucie are discussing about getting in the back of the office, after which the office receptionist insists that it is not possible. As the receptionist gets in the office, Yung sets up the plan by pulling out a handgun, while Brucie points that the keycard is there. Yung shoots Brucie in the leg, drawing attention of the receptionist, but Yung hides the weapon, telling her that Brucie shot himself. The receptionist then attends Brucie and Yung gets inside the office, but before that, Yung tells the crew to get the keycard and get out of there. From there, the crew has to avoid detection from the guards to get into the basement.

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How do you unlock the last gunman casino heist?

How To Find and Unlock Packie McReary in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online – Where Is The Security Tunnel Casino Heist Packie McReary is a unique case in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online, as there’s no specific way or location to find him. There are a few minor criteria in order for him to appear though. There must be at least three people in an active session. Aside from this, getting him to spawn in completely random.

Players do not need to purchase arcade in order for him to spawn. Important though, if players are able to get him to successfully spawn and he or the player dies, they will be given another chance for him to spawn again at a later time. Play the game as normal. Explore the world of Los Santos in free mode.

An alternative option is to stay put inside of a vehicle, as when he does spawn, players will have to pursue him. Wait until players hear police sirens off in the distance. Head into the direction of the police sirens. Eventually, a blue dot will appear on the screen.

  1. This blue dot is a police van with Packie McReary inside.
  2. It may take a while for the police van to show up.
  3. Alternate sessions every 15-20 minutes to keep the spawn fresh.
  4. Ill the cops in the front two seats and steal the vehicle.
  5. Players must now escape from the cops.
  6. They can either drive away normally and find somewhere to hide or call Lester to remove their wanted level.

Once the players have escaped, Packie McReary will provide a location to his safehouse. Drive over to his safe house and drop him off the unlock him. What unlocking Packie McReary does is make him an optional accomplice for the Casino Heist. He will act as a gunman and request 10% of the total cut.

Grand Theft Auto 5 online has so much additional content outside of its initial casino heist. Bringing in Packie McReary makes the world of Grand Theft Auto feel alive as this character has appeared in several titles in the series. Although, earning him as a gunman for the casino heist can really push players’ patience, as its completely random.

But if the player is set on making him a part of their team, relax, turn on the radio and wait until those sirens go off. Packie McReary is an excellent addition to any players heist crew. More: Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.