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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Private Jet Company for Your Business Travel

Private jets offer a unique luxury and convenience that surpasses the standard airline experience. However, assessing safety, service quality, pricing transparency, and reputation is important when selecting a private jet company.



One of the key advantages private jets offer is scheduling flexibility, allowing executives to fly where and when they want. This eliminates the need for multiple flights and unnecessary layovers, saving time and money.

Private jet companies such as International Jet allow you to fly to destinations inaccessible to commercial airlines. This enables you to arrive at your destination in less time and get back to the office or meeting quickly.

If you choose to use a private jet company, it’s crucial to understand how their pricing model works. Several options include hourly rates, fixed membership fees, and pay-as-you-go plans. Look for transparency in your prices, covering fuel surcharges and overnight fees.

Other options include leasing, where you buy a percentage of a jet and have access to it with as little as four hours notice, or fractional ownership, which has a similar structure to buying a home. 



Flying privately is a different world, a place of high-flying etiquette and luxury that requires a certain level of discretion. It’s a world in which a good broker is worth their weight in gold and can make all the difference.

A private jet company’s reputation is based on its reliability, service quality, and pricing transparency. This is particularly important for business travelers who rely on private jets to get them from point A to point B.

A reputable private jet company will offer competitive pricing and flexible terms such as on-demand charter, jet cards, fractional ownership, or managed fleet programs. They’ll also have an extensive network and can accommodate most travel requests, especially on short notice. Look for safety certifications by external organizations such as Argus, Wyvern, and IS-BAO. This will help ensure a company adheres to the highest safety standards. Also, consider a company’s reach and whether it offers a global fleet or a regional one, as this will impact your cost.



Business travelers need to be comfortable in their flights, starting with safety. Private jet companies must meet the same strict safety requirements as commercial airlines but should go above and beyond. Look for a company with an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC), which proves they comply with all regulations. You can also ask about third-party safety audits from organizations like ARGUS and Wyvern, which can reassure you that their standards are high.

Lastly, consider the range of destinations a company can reach, as some companies only fly to major airports. This can save you time and money by cutting down on travel costs.


Customer Service

The best private jet companies provide excellent customer service in the air and on the ground. The team of experts at your charter company should be friendly, empathetic, and responsive to your needs and concerns. The customer service experience is crucial for business travelers, especially when the travel schedule and budget are tight. Providing excellent customer service can be exhausting, so choosing a company with dedicated and well-trained staff is important. According to Motteram, the most important principles of great customer service include courtesy, empathy, and fairness. Customers also want information promptly and to feel like they have various options regarding their travel plans. A broker is the perfect resource to make your travels go smoothly.

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